Even for someone that is relatively technologically savvy, digital marketing can be a whole different beast. As a business owner, you realize that this type of marketing is the future. Yet as someone who generally uses the internet for work-related purposes and social media, figuring out how to gain a following can be tough. If you haven’t already figured out…

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Is The Metaverse The Future Of Social Media?

Facebook is now Meta. Instagram is adding NFTs. Twitter is adding avatars verified on the blockchain. So is Reddit. Is this all a distraction? Or is there an underlying shift to crypto and VR that businesses need to pay closer attention to? There is a shift happening. One that is very important to every business. But there’s also a lot…

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How to Write a Blog Post in 10 Steps ( & and 4 elements of a good blog post)

Writing blog posts can help an entrepreneur promote a business or help novelists supplement their creative writing. Therefore, the time spent learning how to write a blog post can serve as an investment in your broader career. 4 Elements of a Good Blog Post There are many different types of blogs, but a good blog often has certain characteristics regardless…

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