Lessons from Childhood Tales: Email Marketing and Storytelling

As we embark on the journey of a new year, let’s draw inspiration from timeless childhood stories to glean valuable lessons for email marketing in 2014. Join us as we unravel three classic tales that mirror essential principles every email marketer can relate to.

Story 1: The Miller, His Son, and the Donkey

In this familiar fable, a man and his son face constant judgment from onlookers as they navigate how to use their donkey. Criticism ensues, regardless of whether they walk beside, ride, or carry the donkey. The duo, bewildered and pressured, eventually meets a tragic end when they attempt to please everyone.

Moral – Not everyone can be pleased, accept it and focus on delivering your best.

In the realm of email marketing, striving for a universally perfect layout is an unattainable goal. Just as the father-son duo couldn’t satisfy everyone, marketers must acknowledge the diversity of subscriber preferences. Embrace testing and analytics to design effective emails, realizing that achieving a 100% open rate is unrealistic.

Story 2: The Pigeon and the Crow

This story unfolds the narrative of a wise pigeon and a conniving crow. The crow befriends the pigeon to enjoy royal meals but faces consequences when his deceit is uncovered. The pigeon, to save itself, flees the dangerous situation.

Moral – Originality triumphs over imitation; follow your unique path to success.

In email marketing, cloning successful models from others may not guarantee triumph. Marketers must recognize that campaigns yielding results for one may not translate to success for another. To avoid becoming the crow, marketers should focus on maintaining a clean email list, avoiding spam practices, and understanding their subscribers individually.

Story 3: The Ant and the Grasshopper

The classic fable of the ant and the grasshopper highlights the contrast between hard work and procrastination. The ant diligently prepares for the future, while the grasshopper faces hardship due to his lack of preparation.

Moral – Stay proactive and be prepared for challenges.

In the ever-changing landscape of email marketing, staying updated is crucial. Recent updates in spam policies by major email providers emphasize the need for marketers to stay informed about industry trends and adapt strategies accordingly.


As we dive into the complexities of email marketing in 2024, let these timeless childhood tales serve as guiding principles. Embrace the nuances, be original in your approach, and stay proactive to navigate the evolving terrain successfully. Best of luck in the upcoming challenges!