Enhancing Your Email Footer: Examples and Best Practices

In the realm of email marketing, crafting compelling messages often takes center stage. But amidst the focus on content and visuals, it’s crucial not to overlook structural elements like footers. While email footers may not grab immediate attention, they leave a lasting impression—particularly when subscribers consider unsubscribing. A well-designed email footer encompasses legal requirements, contact information, and brand reinforcement. It’s an opportunity to pleasantly surprise your audience and encourage further engagement. Let’s delve into what makes an effective email footer and explore some inspiring examples.

Understanding the Email Footer

The email footer, located at the end of your message, contains essential details beyond the body content and signature. It can range from basic company information to comprehensive contact details, social links, and legal disclaimers.

If you haven’t standardized your email footer yet, it’s high time you do so. A consistent footer saves time and ensures compliance with legal regulations, meeting customer expectations seamlessly.

What to Include in Your Email Footer

Legally Required Elements:

Company’s physical address or contact information.

Unsubscribe or email preferences link.

Link to the privacy policy.

Optional (Yet Useful) Components:

Social media buttons and website link.

Subscription details to prevent spam accusations.

Calls to action (CTAs) for list building or forwarding emails.

View-in-browser link for optimal display.

Safelist request to enhance deliverability.

Company branding elements like logo and tagline.

Examples of Customized Email Footers

United by Blue:

Highlights company values and eco-friendly initiatives.

Provides prominent contact information.

Organized layout for easy navigation.


Incorporates brand personality through lively disclaimers.

Includes privacy policy and unsubscribe link.

Maintains a fun and engaging tone.

Alaska Airlines:

Features brand imagery on aircraft tails.

Encourages social media follow-up.

Aligns footer with brand identity.


Includes a link to the email preference center.

Showcases community-oriented programs.

Empowers subscribers with communication control.


Crafting a compelling email involves more than just captivating content—it extends to every element, including the footer. By incorporating essential information, engaging elements, and brand reinforcement, your email footer can leave a lasting impression and drive further interaction. Explore these examples and best practices to create a standout email footer that strengthens your brand and enhances the customer experience.