Enhancing Clickthrough Rates: The Impact of GIFs in Emails

In the dynamic realm of email marketing, where capturing attention is crucial, the rise of GIFs as a powerful tool cannot be overstated. Comparable to the popularity of videos, animations, particularly in the form of GIFs, have emerged as effective elements to engage audiences. This article explores how integrating GIFs into emails can fortify clickthrough rates, making your email campaigns more compelling and vibrant.

The Power of Animated GIFs:

GIF, an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format, is a versatile image format supported by various browsers and email clients. Unlike the complexities of video deployment, GIFs offer a simpler yet impactful solution by incorporating animation into static images. The visual appeal of animated GIFs, even without sound, adds a layer of dynamism to email content.

Why Use GIFs in Emails?

Enhanced Reader Engagement: Animated GIFs have proven to captivate readers more effectively than static email designs, injecting creativity and visual interest.

Success Stories: Industry leaders like Buzzfeed have witnessed substantial growth in their email programs by embracing GIFs, expanding from a single newsletter in 2012 to 14 newsletters by the end of 2013.

Revenue Boost: A/B tests, such as the one conducted by BlueFly, revealed that emails featuring animated GIFs generated 12% more revenue than their non-animated counterparts.

Conversion Rate Increase: Marketing Sherpa reported a 103% increase in the conversion rate for emails utilizing GIFs, citing Dell as a notable case study.

Clickthrough Rate Surge: According to the Email Institute, incorporating GIFs in emails can lead to a remarkable 26% increase in clickthrough rates.

Tackling Size Issues:

While GIFs contribute to visual appeal, they may pose challenges related to email size. Designers often use tools like Adobe Photoshop for GIF creation, employing techniques to optimize file sizes:

Cropping: Focus on animated elements, cropping the image to reduce file size.

Frame Reduction: Eliminate unnecessary frames while maintaining the illusion of motion.

Selective Animation: Animate specific layers rather than the entire image, minimizing data load.

GIF Email and Client Support:

Although some email clients may not fully support animated GIFs, many widely-used clients seamlessly display them:

Desktop Clients:

Lotus Notes (6, 7, 8.5)

Outlook 2000-2003

Outlook for Mac

Apple Mail

Webmail Clients:





Mobile Clients:

iOS Mail

Android (Default)

Android (Gmail)



Incorporating GIFs into your email campaigns can significantly elevate engagement and clickthrough rates. By understanding the impact of animated GIFs and addressing potential size issues, marketers can create visually compelling emails that resonate with their audiences across various email clients.