Decoding AI Tools: Crucial Considerations for Email Marketers in 2023

The omnipresence of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2023 is undeniable, with tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot revolutionizing digital landscapes. Harnessing AI’s potential demands a discerning evaluation, especially for email marketers navigating this transformative technology.

Explore with us the key facets that email marketers should weigh when contemplating the integration of AI into their workflows.

Where AI Excels

AI proves its mettle in tasks governed by patterns and rules. Whether it’s ChatGPT generating text or GitHub Copilot offering coding suggestions, AI thrives in repetitive tasks, liberating marketers to concentrate on more intricate responsibilities.

Identifying manual, repetitive tasks in email workflows is crucial. Our 2023 State of Email Workflows Report pinpoints collecting feedback and content creation as the top bottlenecks. AI holds promise in alleviating these challenges, particularly in content creation, as highlighted in our 2023 State of Email Design Report.

In content creation, AI streamlines:

Idea generation, sparking concepts for content topics.

Email copywriting based on predefined parameters.

Editing and proofreading, refining grammar, tone, and style (similar to Grammarly).

Brainstorming sessions for campaign concepts.

Visual content creation, encompassing imagery and video.

Personalization for tailoring content to subscribers, including predictive recommendations.

Where AI Falls Short

Despite its potential, AI encounters substantial hurdles. While generative AI tools operate swiftly, they struggle with tasks demanding a nuanced, human touch. For instance, ensuring the functionality of AI-generated code across different settings or addressing biases in AI-generated imagery requires human supervision.

Marketers should also be wary of privacy concerns when using generative AI chatbots, as these collect information, and the handling of such data can be ambiguous, contributing to issues such as Italy banning OpenAI.

Key Questions for AI Evaluation in Email Marketing

Considering AI for content creation in your email campaigns? Ask these five critical questions:

Accuracy of Email Copy:

Verify the accuracy of AI-generated email copy to avoid misinformation, a significant pitfall for AI.

Presence of Biases in Email Imagery:

Ensure AI-generated email hero images are free from biases and discrimination to avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

Rendering of Code:

Check the rendering of code generated by a coding assistant to prevent poor subscriber experiences and potential spam folder placements.

💡Tip: Utilize tools like Litmus to preview how your code will render across clients and devices.

Optimization for Dark Mode:

Confirm Dark Mode optimization in AI-generated email code to prevent indiscernible text and cater to the 35.4% of subscribers who use Dark Mode.


Guarantee that AI-generated code adheres to accessibility standards for color blindness, readability, ALT text, and more, promoting inclusive emails for all.

Strategizing AI Utilization

In a world where technology acts as a partner rather than a mere tool, navigating and embracing AI demands integrity and confidence. We are dedicated to supporting you on this journey, ensuring that AI becomes a seamless and beneficial ally in your endeavors.